About the Awards

On April 30, 2019, we will celebrate the Distinguished Entrepreneur of SW Florida, Distinguished Business Advocate,  and Distinguished Innovator of the Year.   Application period begins January 1, 2019.  Nominate a distinguished business owner today!  (Note – the business owner will need to be involved and more than likely have to complete the application – detailed business information will be required).

Prior Award Winners Include:s


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Is a business owner who has demonstrated: Innovative and Cutting Edge Approaches to Corporate Culture, Employee Programs, and Integrated New Technologies; This owner sees beyond just SW Florida and offers goods or services across a broad area (local, regional, national, international). The distinguished entrepreneur is a multi-award recipient including industry, civic, other awards. This person is highly active in the community to advocate both small businesses as well as non-profits. They have overcome significant obstacles during the life of the company, and today, are a shining star and our 2018 Distinguished Entrepreneur of SW Florida.

Small Business Advocate of the Year

Is a business owner who actively volunteers their time and resources throughout the SW Florida Community to inspire, encourage, and mentor other small business owners in helping them improve or grow their business(s).  They are also recognized for their involvement in charity organizations and overall community giving which makes, SW Florida “The” place to live.

Distinguished Innovator of the Year

Is a business owner who has adopted or created their own new technologies or cutting-edge approaches to creating accelerated business growth and profits. This innovation is demonstrated in their products, services, employee programs, or internal processes and procedures, with the result being fast-tracked business success.